Future of City Archive

The 1st stage of this website is to advertise my own growing business, but moving forward I am planning for this site to contain and hold hundreds of quality videos from qualified drone operators just like me, that we will make available for purchase online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of licensing do you offer?

A Commercial license, which is where you receive total ownership of the video file. This would be suitable for advertisers, filmmakers and media corporations. No expiry, highest resolution film and can be used for anything.

An Individual License, is just for that one shot and you do not take ownership of the footage. It’s cheaper and is priced by negotiation. More for personal use, one off broadcast, single media campaign or a one off film. A one time license. It’s cheaper to use stock footage than to commission. It could be as low as £30

Do you colour grade and edit?

I can colour grade and edit shoots determined by the clients requirements, this takes time and patience. All jobs are determined on the amount of work that is entailed and therefore will affect the overall price.

Do you have more than one drone operator

I have an extensive network of licensed drone operators upon whom, I can call upon as determined by the requirements of the clients shoot.

What do you cost per hour?

I have a daily rate of £300, the hourly rate is negotiable. Rates are determined by the geographical situation of the shoot, eliciting contact air traffic control and arranging approval.

How can I access the footage?

Upon purchase footage will be made available via our Server Drive, we share a link with the client to make it available to download.

Can you work in other countries?

With a PFCO, I can fly anywhere in the UK. As of March 2020 I will also be licensed to fly in the US and France.